Who are we?

Our names are Stan and Travis and we are a couple buddies who have been hucking discs for a few years. Living in Toronto, we couldn't find anywhere to pick up discs near us so we thought it might be a good idea to make buying discs easier in Toronto. We don't yet have a brick and mortar store so for the time being, we are offering curbside pick-up. If you're not in Toronto and still would like to buy from us, we are happy to ship to where you are.

Who are Stan and Travis really though? Stan is an interesting cat who enjoys going a little nuts when he is able to check out some of his favourite bands like the Cancer Bats and F*cked up. Stan has mostly worked in the service industry throughout his career. He has been throwing for 5 years now and travels around the Golden Horsehoe regularly to play as many courses as he can. When Stan is not working or throwing, he's probably cooking some sort of 12 hour potato for his lovely wife.

Travis has been throwing for a couple years now and has taken to the sport quickly. Travis spent most of his career working in the golf industry so he is familiar with trying to scrap his way around a course; blaming the discs more than the thrower comes naturally to this tinkerer. When he's not working, Travis is at home with his wife chasing around their 2 daughters and occasionally finds time to hit up a nearby course. 

Check out our Blog for a list of courses in the area!